Listen to the latest single, "Infectious," here! 

The song is called “Infectious,” and it’s, well, exactly that. The song’s 90’s-tinged summer-rock sensibilities channel a K’s Choice / Wheatus vibe, perfect for those who yearn for those sweet, sweet days of 3D Doritos and JNCO jeans.
— Rob Walczyk, Buffablog.com
Since Chelsea O’Donnell (AKA Wolf) first found a Buffalo stage... she’s carved out an independent presence, one that could inhabit the spotlight alone, yet fill a room with a group’s worth of raw expression... Now flanked with Bill O’Connor and Ben Randall, Wolf is ready to rock.
— Michael Farrell, The Buffalo News
Wolf does, indeed, howl… and it’s one of the biggest assets of this solo-act-turned-fem-led trio. Chelsea O’Donnell’s voice is thick, muscular, and pitchy in the best ways: there’s nothing waif-ish happening here, and it injects a welcome, no bullshit punk honesty to the band’s lo-fi melodies.
— Christopher John, The Public
Wolf... has evolved over the past year and a half into one of Buffalo’s most promising alternative rock projects.
— Julian Burgio, All WNY Radio